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Devotion Skills

The Priests and Heroes of the Tulaki may purchase these skills to reflect their dedication to the Immortal Spirits and the Path of Tulak.

Heroic Devotion

  • Heroic Devotion costs 2 points per rank.
  • Starting characters cannot buy Heroic Devotion.
  • Heroic Devotion grants the favour of the Immortal Spirit that your character is devoted to.
  • You must be devoted to a specific Immortal Spirit by a Priest before purchasing ranks in this skill.

Heroic Devotion represents the favour and blessings of one of the Immortal Spirits, which manifests as miraculous abilities relevant to the purview of that Spirit. These will usually take the form of abilities that can be performed a number of times per day, but there is little consistency to this power. Devoting yourself to a Spirit is an in-character ceremony that can be performed by a Priest, and will be recorded on the game system. If you change or lose your Devotion your patron Spirit is likely to be angered.

Priestly Devotion

  • Priestly Devotion costs 2 points per rank.
  • Priestly Devotion grants the ability to perform one Ceremony per rank.
  • If a character has the Engineer skill as well as at least 1 rank of Priestly Devotion, they automatically learn the Talisman Mod.

Priest characters can purchase Priestly Devotion to reflect their religious training. Priests are highly respected in Dominion society, as they have sacrificed their chance for individual immortality to help guide others to that goal. Priests in the Dominion are expected to guide rather than lead, but they do hold a significant amount of temporal power due to the trust and status they hold.


  • Ceremonies require at least 5 minute of roleplayed action to perform, and consume 1 dose of Ritual Herbs (which can be bought from the Tulaki representative).
  • A single performance of a Ceremony can only target a single character, which cannot be the performer.
  • Ceremonies override earlier Ceremonies - a character cannot be under the effects of 2 of them at a time. (the Devotion Ceremony is an exception).
  • Performing a Ceremony requires the presence of a member of the Game Team - either a Referee or the Tulaki Representative.
  • Ceremonies require the consent of the character who they are being performed on - they cannot be performed on unwilling targets.

Ceremonies are the signature ability of Tulaki Priests. They require at least 5 minutes of roleplayed action - depending on the ceremony this may include burning sacred herbs, delivering rousing speeches, ritual music or dancing, or praying to petition the Immortal Spirits for help. Tulaki Ceremonies usually tend to be public affairs, inviting the community to witness, participate, and draw some of the attention of the Immortal Spirits.

It is unknown exactly how Ceremonies work, and there are no records of Ceremonies being performed on people who are not followers of the Path of Tulak. Performing a Ceremony on a character who is not part of the Dominion may have unpredictable results.

Devotion Ceremony

You may Devote another character to one of the Immortal Spirits that you know the name and title of. This draws that Spirit's attention to the character, and is the first step of a character becoming a Hero. The effects of this ceremony are lasting, but can be removed by another performance of the same Ceremony.

Exaltation Ceremony

You draw the gaze of the Immortal Spirits to this character for the rest of the day, for good or for ill. Their actions will determine whether the Spirit views them more or less favourably. This ceremony is often performed on prospective heroes about to perform a great undertaking.

Rite of Dedication

This ceremony creates a roleplaying effect on the target - “You feel driven to accomplish your goals, and while you are performing actions to forward your goals, other concerns fade away”. This lasts for the rest of the day.

Rite of Perseverance

This ceremony creates a roleplaying effect on the target - “You feel a drive to stubbornly persevere, and refuse to let obstacles stand in the way of your success”. While under the effect of this Ceremony, you become Walking Wounded after being Unconscious or Badly Injured for only 150 seconds (usually this time is 300 seconds).

Rite of Focus

You concentrate the mind of another character on their chosen Profession. If they have any of the following skills - Engineer, Etheric Science, Corporeal Science, Life Science, then they may choose one of those skills to count as one rank higher during the next downtime (which will allow them to do more work or research). If they have only one of the above skills, then it counts as 2 ranks higher. Characters do not gain any new device masteries or mods as a result of this ceremony.

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