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 +====== Dominion Look & Feel ======
 +===== Inspirations =====
 +Klingons (Star Trek), the Covenant (Halo series), Narns (Babylon 5), Nietzscheans (Andromeda),​ Classical Greeks
 +[{{ :​image:​dominion:​tulaki_hero_relax.jpg?​200|The Dominion favours practical, durable fabrics or leathers and bulky, solid tech.}}]
 +===== Costume =====
 +Dominion attire is influenced by their propensity towards conflict as well as their utilitarian attitude. They tend to wear simple garb like heavy cotton tunics and trousers as a base layer, but then adorned with leathers and furs (often from alien beasts they have killed). Less martial characters may wear simple robes of heavy cotton, often dyed in rich colours. The tendency towards mastery and display of status encourages a high degree of customisation and personalisation of one's personal effects - ornate, decorative and engraved items are common for those who can afford it.
 +High-status characters like to show off their wealth by carrying expensive weapons and other gear in an ostentatiously visible fashion, and none would be seen out without a melee weapon of some kind. Warriors prefer to advertise their status by wearing armour plates such as pauldrons, bracers and greaves even in non-combat situations (although they tend to avoid anything with gratuitous spikes on it). Similarly, experts are likely to carry the tools of their trade around with them on belts to display their chosen path in life. Particularly devoted followers of the Path of Tulak may wear personal adornments that show their devotion to particular Immortal Spirits. Tulaki priests are the major exception, and tend to dress humbly in plain robes, but will invest in more ornate and embellished ceremonial tools.
 +Dominion tech is utilitarian and tough – their devices are often bulky and blocky compared to that of other civilisations. Generic devices are simple and unadorned, but favoured pieces of gear are likely to quickly become adorned or decorated to draw attention to the character'​s chosen speciality.
 +See [[https://​​conan3994/​dominion-inspiration/​|this Pinterest board]] for an overall impression of the intended look and feel of the Tulaki Dominion. ​
 +{{tag>​faction dominion}}
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