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 This page consolidates any changes to the Rules between events. This page consolidates any changes to the Rules between events.
 +===== After Event 2 - Artefact =====
 +  * The Reinforcement Pattern [[Mods#​Armour|Armour Mod]] has been given a cooldown of 30 seconds. This was mostly to prevent characters with Charge Cost reduction having effectively infinite Armour Hits.
 +  * The "​Psionic Ritual"​ tag has been added to certain [[elysian psionic paths|Elsyian]],​ [[Kelki psionic paths|Kelki]] and [[Lithos psionic paths|Lithos]] psionic powers. These are typically powers that required a certain period of roleplayed action to perform, and usually required the presence of a Referee. For.....reasons.
 +  * The Weave Solidifier [[Mods#​Armour|Armour Mod]] has been altered to allow it to be added multiple times to a single suit of armour, increasing the activation duration by 15 seconds each time at no additional Charge Cost.
 +  * [[professional_skills#​Reputation Skills]] for [[Galactic Energy Supplies]] and [[Advanced Armaments]] have been added.
 +  * The [[combat skills#​Thrown Weapons Training]] skill has been added for people who want to use thrown weapons.
 ===== After Event 1 - Initialize ===== ===== After Event 1 - Initialize =====
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