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Belt Sector

Position: 2x, 1y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy, Dominion

Stellar Density: Sparse

The Belt Sector is a sparse fringe of the Orion Arm as it becomes the Gulf of Cetus. Its old, pale stars lie distant from each other and trade convoys and regular patrols are few. The few inhabited worlds and outposts in this sector tend to be havens for criminals, outcasts and fugitives - people who do not want to be found for one reason or another. During the First Tulaki Invasion the coreward part of the sector enjoyed somewhat of a infrastructure boom as the Dominion pushed into the region and built fortified staging points for further exploration and conquest. Realising the paucity of resources and inhabited worlds they moved their supply chains to run through the denser areas of the Bleak Sector instead, although they do still lay claim to the coreward part of the sector and have a few well-developed strongholds and pilgrimage sites there.

The Ascendancy have a significant presence in the rimward edge of the sector, where stellar density increases as the sector becomes part of the Orion Arm proper. As there are few routes through this sector, however, the developed worlds here see little interest or investment, and many have become havens of lawlessness, rebellion or despair.

The sparse nature of the sector lends itself well to hidden secrets and covert activities. There are rumours of Ascendancy secret laboratories and black sites in this sector almost since it was first explored, and the Dominion are thought to have taken over some of the ones that they discovered in their own territory. There is also a surprising amount of ancient ruins and Tomb Worlds in this area, and trading rumours, maps and guidance to explorers is big business for the few operators here who are willing to brave this region of empty void and dying stars.

Systems of Note

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