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Bleak Sector

Position: 2x, 2y, Libran Rift

Faction Presence: Dominion, Free Union

Stellar Density: Very Sparse

The Bleak Sector is really a part of the Libran Rift - a vast, empty gulf between the Orion and Saggitarius Arms of the Milky Way. Although sparsely populated, it does contain a scattering of main-sequence stars amongst the old and dying giants, several of which have planets capable of supporting life. This sector was the primary direction of attack from the Dominion fleet during the First Tulaki Invasion, and it contains numerous supply dumps, refueling depots and resupply operations belonging to that Faction. As the Dominion advanced, their slower warp drives required regular stops and refueling, so the Dominion were forced to advance slowly and meticulously in this sector, making sure that they developed a coherent logistical chain along the way. This delay is thought to have cost them precious time while the forces of the Ascendancy were scattered, and allowed them to retool their fleets and offer more cohesive resistance.

Lacerta Cluster

There is a more dense cluster of matter towards the leading edge of this sector, claimed by the Free Union - this area contained the majority of human settlement in the sector prior to the invasion, and was occupied for some time during the Invasion. When liberated by the newly-formed Free Union they chose to throw their lot in with their liberators rather than the distant Ascendancy who had left them defenceless and alone.

During The Age of Unrest, the agents of the Commonality engineered the simultaneous secession of twelve inhabited worlds in the Lacerta Cluster, almost resulting in all-out war between the Free Union and Dominion. Although a diplomatic solution was reached and the territory returned to the local Factions, it is believed that the Elysians left behind a substantial amount of assets in the area, some if which are still likely to be active to some degree.

Today the area remains a Free Union stronghold and their primary border with the Dominion.

Systems of Note

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