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 +====== Cocoon Sector ======
 +**Position:​** -4x, 1y, [[:Orion Arm]]
 +**Faction Presence:** None
 +**Stellar Density:** Very Dense
 +The Cocoon Sector lies towards the Leading edge of the [[:Orion Sphere]]. It is a dense region towards the centre of the Orion Arm, and contains the Cocoon Nebula, a volume of gas and dust lit by a bright cluster of recently-formed stars. The area is at the frontier of known space, and has seen little exploration or surveying activity.
 +Although none of this sector has been claimed by any Faction, it lies close to the borders of the [[:​Ascendancy]],​ [[:Free Union]] and [[:​Commonality]]. The border tensions and conflict between those Factions has thus far prevented much expansion towards the region.
 +===== Systems of Note =====
 +{{tag>​astro-cartography galactipedia sector}}
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