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Concord Sector

Position: -1x, 2y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Free Union, Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Medium to Sparse

The Concord Sector is where the Free Union was born, and remains its heart. Originally thought of as somewhat of a backwater sector close to the Gulf of Cetus, the various governments of the Free Union have built a prosperous network of trade routes throughout it. The new sleeper colonies and various alien species that declared themselves the Sovereign Worlds in 3370 PT have since expanded and claimed the majority of this sector as their own. New species and human colonies have been discovered further towards the Gulf of Cetus. Most newcomers have signed on to the Sovereign Worlds Charter and become members of the Free Union, usually requiring little persuasion to do so.

Although it lies at the heart of one of the major powers in the Orion Sphere, the Concord sector is still relatively unexplored. Few independent captains are willing to spend fuel and time surveying planets orbiting old or dead stars, and the Free Union's Explorer Corps have concentrated much of their efforts on expansion towards the Saggitarius Arm and in the America and Julius Sectors. There may be human colonies, alien worlds and the dead remains of ancient galactic civilisations still undiscovered in this sector - although were anyone to discover such a world and brag about it too broadly they would quickly find it swarmed with all manner of prospectors and competitors.

Systems of Note

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