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Cone Sector

Position: 1x, -3y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: None

Stellar Density: Medium to Sparse

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The Cone Nebula, as viewed from Sol1)

The centre of the Cone Sector is occupied by a relatively sparse area of space compared to the rest of the Orion Arm, approaching the vast emptiness of the Great Perseus Rift. It lies beyond the fringes of any Faction's territory, and has only been lightly surveyed by Ascendancy and Commonality expeditions. The nearer part of the sector has lies within the reach of the ancient waves of Terran sleeper ships, and there are likely to be many numerous colonies of humans, woken cold and alone amongst the empty stars, trying to carve out worlds for themselves without the guidance of the rest of galactic civilisation. Some may have fallen prey to the native species of this sector, or to unscrupulous exiles who reign over them as godlike monarchs with their technological superiority. The rimward edge of the sector gives way to the roiling clouds of the Cone Nebula - dense absorptive clouds of dust and interstellar hydrogen with light-emitting clusters of stars being formed.

Systems of Note

Image from ESA/Hubble. CC-BY 4.0
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