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Crux Sector

Position: 2x, -2y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Very Dense

The Crux Sector is one of the Ascendancy's frontier sectors in the trailing part of the Orion Arm, although it has seen much less development in the last thousand years than it did in the prime of Ascendancy expansion. The outward boom of Ascendancy colonists and explorers set up numerous worlds in this sector, presuming that Terran authority would push further into the wild frontiers of the Orion Arm. The discovery of major alien powers in towards the spinward leading side of their territory, however, saw the Ascendancy put much more of its efforts into securing its border with the Commonality, and later on the Dominion and Free Union.

This has left the Crux Sector as somewhat of a backwater, and investment in the sector faded, bringing with it decline, sedition and criminal activity. Although it lies fairly close the Ascendancy core, the Crux Sector is in a sorry state. Supply ships manned by independent crews are all most colonies here might see in a generation, and the few minor Naval strongholds tend to keep to themselves, staffed by sluggish officers towards the end of their careers. The few Noble Houses based in this sector tend to be small, insular and conservative, concentrating on their own holdings and rarely giving a thought towards shared or independent assets or the overall good of the Ascendancy.

Systems of Note

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