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 +====== Fox Sector ======
 +**Position:​** -2x, 4y, [[:​Saggitarius Arm]]
 +**Faction Presence:** None
 +**Stellar Density:** Medium to Very Sparse
 +The Fox Sector lies at the unexplored fringe of the [[:Orion Sphere]], divided from the nearest faction presence by the yawning [[Gulf of Cetus]]. It is a region of unknown stars and silent worlds, beyond the reach of the ancient Terran sleeper ships, and only just recently swept by the wave of 4,000 year-old [[:​Terraforming Probe|Terraforming Probes]]. Only a handful of long-range exploration vessels have ever even entered this sector, and several of those did not return.
 +===== Systems of Note =====
 +{{tag>​astro-cartography galactipedia sector}}
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