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Gateway Sector

Position: 3x, 2y, Saggitarius Arm

Faction Presence: Dominion, Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Medium to Very Sparse

The Gateway Sector is the closest part of the Dominion's main holdings to the Orion Arm. The majority of the sector plunges into the emptiness of the Libran Rift, but the coreward part is denser as it becomes part of the Saggitarius Arm. This coreward part of the sector was the primary staging ground for the First Tulaki Invasion of the Orion Arm, and for most of the Dominion's military ventures since then. The colonies here are well-fortified military outposts - fleet bases, supply dumps and fortified military stations.

The rest of the sector is mostly unclaimed, and home to some minor colonies and outposts. This relatively lawless region has been the destination of choice for a darker portion of Dominion society for a thousand years, and there are inhabited worlds hidden from any Faction authority scattered across the deeper parts of the sector. When a priest and their flock are suspected of heresy from the Path, they tend to seek passage to one of the pilgrimage sites near Gateway (itself a holy system, as the embarkation point for the great crusade across the Libran Rift). There, it is not a difficult task to find berths aboard a supply freighter and then disappear into the uncharted void of this sector. Priestly Inquisitors tend to view religious pilgrimages to this sector with some suspicion, but it is difficult to separate worthy journeys from nefarious attempts to flee the authorities.

There is a minor Ascendancy presence in this sector, at the tip of the Libran Strand on the rimward edge of the sector. It is one of the most distant Ascendancy holdings, and thought to have been developed in an attempt to keep closer tabs on the Dominion's holdings in the Saggitarius Arm. The inhabited Ascendancy worlds and orbital facilities here are secretive and hostile, and prone to attacking any unfamiliar vessels that appear in their systems.

Systems of Note

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