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Hyades Sector

Position: -1x, 1y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy, Free Union

Stellar Density: Very Dense

The Hyades Sector is one the four core sectors of Ascendancy space. Some of the earliest Terran colonies lie in this sector, and many of its prominent worlds are well-developed centres of industry and home to millions of humans. Its development has been relatively uninterrupted, unlike the Betelgeuse Sector, which was struck by the hammer of the invasion by the Dominion. The sector does contain a border between the Ascendancy and Free Union, and several minor conflicts and skirmishes have been fought over resources and claim in this sector. The close proximity of the Free Union is somewhat of a talisman for those who seek to free themselves from Ascendancy authority, and this area is closely watched by the Noble Houses and Ruling Council.

Systems of Note

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