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Libran Strand Sector

Position: 3x, 1y, Libran Rift

Faction Presence: Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Very Sparse

This sector is dominated by the Libran Rift, a vast gulf of emptiness between the Orion and Saggitarius Arms. Matter density is very low in this region, and the stars that are present are generally dead white dwarf stars or old, cool red giants in the last stages of their life cycle.

There is a thin strand of denser matter in this sector - the Libran Strand - from which it takes its name. This errant string of gas, dust and small young stars acts as a bridge between the Orion Arm and the Gateway Sector. After the First Tulaki Invasion the Ascendancy made a concerted push to set up stations and colonies along the Libran Strand as an alternative route into Dominion Space. It is rumoured that there are a significant number of secret facilities in the sector, and access along the Strand is strictly controlled.

The empty void of the Libran Rift makes for a good hiding place for those who know where fuel and safe harbours can be found, and segments of it are rife with pirates and other criminal activity. The Ascendancy outposts of the Strand are usually well-protected from raiders, but a number of supply ships do disappear every year in this sector, vanishing without a trace.

Systems of Note

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