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Near Saggitarius Sector

Position: 1x, 3y, Saggitarius Arm

Faction Presence: Free Union

Stellar Density: Medium to Sparse

The closest part of the Saggitarius Arm to the Orion Arm, the Near Saggitarius Sector is the main frontier of human exploration towards the galactic centre. Scientific and surveying expeditions have been passing through this sector for about a thousand years, but the Free Union has only established a permanent foothold in the past few centuries. As warp drives become faster and more energy-efficient it has become easier to push into this region of space, and the sector has gained somewhat of a “gold rush” feel to it. Colonists, surveyors, scientists and corporate money is pouring into the sector, and bringing a flood of con artists, charlatans, opportunists and treasure hunters with it.

Sleeper ships from ancient Terra would have reached the coreward part of this sector with their conventional drives, so there are potentially numerous colony worlds in this part of the Saggitarius Arm, as yet uncontacted by the rest of known civilisation.

Systems of Note

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