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Orion Nebula Sector

Position: 1x, -2y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Very Dense to Medium

The Orion Nebula Sector is dominated by the Orion Nebula, a vast expanse thick with gas and dust, extending over about half the sector. In this bright and chaotic cloud many new stars are in the process of forming, and their furious activity makes navigation and monitoring within the volume of the cloud difficult. Although major identifiable systems within the nebula have been surveyed and some explored, there is still much to discover hidden deep within its cloudy reaches.

Outside of the Nebula, there are numerous Terran colonies and a few homeworlds of alien species, vassals of the Ascendancy. The Orion Nebula acts as a haven for fugitives and pirates, however, and the orderly worlds around the rim of the sector are occasionally raided by criminal groups. As it is quite close to the heart of the Ascendancy, there are regular patrols of military vessels in the area, but with so much ground to cover it is rare for them to act as more than a minor deterrent.

Systems of Note

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