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Veil Sector

Position: -2x, 2y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Free Union

Stellar Density: Medium to Sparse

The Veil Sector is one the core sectors of the Free Union, and lies at the edge of the Orion Arm. The sector is dominated by the titanic Veil Nebula - a huge dark nebula that clouds exploration and complicates travel in the sector. The nebula contains many old stars, and is rumoured to hide a number of tomb systems in its shrouded reaches. Local captains with good knowledge of the region can plot its whorls and eddies, and known many of the short-cuts and secret paths through radiation clouds and past volatile stars. Several alien species have been discovered here through luck or accident, as their radio signals do not carry far due to the nebula's interference.

Outside of the nebula, the sector is reasonably dense in stellar mass, and contains the greatest concentration of inhabited systems in the Free Union. The riches Free Union worlds also lie in this sector, profiting from asteroid mining and dust harvesting in the nebula. The human colonies in this sector are relatively new, and many stowed relics and information from ancient Terra on their sleeper ships. The cultural treasure trove they represent generates much of the fashionable trends that sweep the Free Union from time to time.

Systems of Note

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