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Volans Sector

Position: 3x, -2y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Very Dense to Dense

The Volans Sector lies at the centre of the Orion Arm and is packed with star systems, although its vast potential remains untapped. Only a tiny volume at its leading margin has been claimed by the Ascendancy, and only a small amount beyond that has been surveyed or explored.

Whatever can be said about the Crux Sector can also be said about this sector, although magnified tenfold. The colonies here were once the wild frontier of Ascendancy exploration, now they are the backwater at the absolute end of the line. Few freighters or naval patrols even enter this sector, let alone spend much time in it, and many of the colonies under Ascendancy control here have not seen a visiting starship for more than a generation. The inhabitants of this sector are seen as insular, somewhat disloyal and prone to strange behaviours.

Systems of Note

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