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The Cradians are a very recent accession to the Dominion, joining in 3819PT after the devastation of their homeworld of Bel-Dan III, also known as Cradia. Prior to the intervention of the the major Factions, the Cradians had been locked in a 4,000 year struggle with another sophont species in their home system, the Garvians.

Cradian society developed from a desert-based hunter-gatherer culture on Bel-Dan IV, where it is theorised that they diverged from the other sophont species present in the system. The early Cradians were highly individualistic and believed in the primacy of strength & fighting prowess, but also developed highly sophisticated arts and philosophy. Although relatively peaceful in their early history, they eventually came into conflict with the jungle-dwelling Garvian tribes. Ancient records contained some evidence of a genocidal war against a third species, the Olm, after which the technology level of both species leapt forward considerably, developing spaceflight. A short period of peace and development ended with numerous atrocities being committed between the two sides – assassinations, sabotage, nuclear weapon use, and the like. The Cradians and Garvians descended into a grinding, brutal conflict that lasted for most of their recorded history and utterly changed their cultures into ones focused primarily on war. Eventually, Bel-Dan IV was rendered uninhabitable through a combination of radiation and planet-wide water contamination. The Cradians evacuated to the hot desert world of Bel-Dan III, which they renamed Cradia. The Garvians fled to Bel-Dan V. The mutual exodus caused a massive amount of both species cultural history to be erased and allowing the eternal war to render their societies unrecognisable from their ancient past.

During the intervention of the Factions in 3819 PT, the smouldering war suddenly took a turn towards the tragic. The ancient enemies of the Cradians and Garvians, the Olm, re-emerged as the true architects of many of the long war’s atrocities. Though they were uncovered and agreed to leave the system under the protection of the Commonality, the Olm left a parting gift in the form of a wave of genetically keyed nano-toxins designed to eradicate life on both of the warring species’ home worlds. Although the Garvian planet was saved, the toxins on Cradia were activated and obliterated the planet’s ability to support life. Offered sanctuary in Dominion space, a fleet of Cradian evacuation vessels tried to save as many of their species as they could, while being attacked by Olm drones. The Cradian Emperor opted to remain behind, assisting those who wished to flee.

Though reduced to a fraction of their former numbers after the devastation of their home world, the Cradians survived in a refugee convoy, slowly travelling by warp towards Dominion space, where they were able to find a new home in the Sagittarius Arm. As the convoy travelled, Tulaki missionaries were able to provide supplies along the way, and worked hard to prepare the refugees for life in the Dominion as followers of the Path. Though some Cradians have taken readily to the teachings of the Path, it will likely be many generations before they fully embrace it as a society. Similarly, the deep wounds inflicted by war and the destruction of their homeworld by the Olm may never truly heal.


Cradian High Ambassador Tegu, who in 3819PT negotiated an agreement to evacuate the Cradian species from Bel-Dan and grant them sanctuary in the Dominion

They are individualistic, and even though their war necessitated teamwork and cooperation, Cradians are celebrated typically on the merits of their personal accomplishments. Cradian culture has long venerated its heroes - lone wolf fighter pilots, warriors and saboteurs. Throughout their history each individual strove to be the greatest at their profession, and this cultural tendency piqued the interest of the Dominion priesthood, who saw in it faint echoes of the Path of Tulak. Cradians are trained from a young age to fight, and while many leave the military to fulfil other roles in society, a large proportion remain soldiers or are attached to the military in some way.

Although a culture driven and consumed by war for the entirety of its remembered history, Cradians seem to have a deep predisposition towards artistic creativity. Even a barracks of active soldiers would be filled with individuals painting and writing poetry during their scant free hours. Cradians view their artwork as deeply personal, something rarely shared with others and interred with the creator on their death – although Tulaki priests hope to see Cradian artists tread the path of Neboro the Charred, and eventually allow others to celebrate their creations. Nearly all Cradians have a deep respect for art and how it influences an individual’s journey through life.

This artistic aspect of Cradian life has its roots in their physiology and neurology. Cradians have a finely developed aesthetic sense and a slightly above-baseline colour perception. They have a natural tendency towards introspection, a fiercely emotional focus and a poorly understood feedback loop in their neural patterning. Combined with their cultural inclination towards the creative arts as a means of self-expression and analysis, these physiological features grant Cradians a profound appreciation of art. They have the ability to self-analyse their responses to aesthetic stimuli, and can use their memories to recall profound emotional experiences. This powerfully emotive recall allows Cradians to summon stirring emotions in times of need, to act as a bulwark against external influences, to connect deeply with other individuals, and to promote a sense of awe in those they interact with.


Cradians have a highly consistent colouration and appearance. They are reptilian humanoids, with lightly scaled, primarily yellow skin. They have greenish scales around their eyesockets, as well as in the centre of their foreheads and from their chin down to their necks. They have external ears and noses resembling a Terran, although covered with a light coating of iridescent scales.

Cradians also have pronounced ridges of small spikes arcing over each eye. This is similar to the closely related Garvian species, who have a ridges of small spikes on the top of each cheek.

Cradians vary in height between 1.5 and 2 metres, and display very little sexual dimorphism in height, weight or facial structure. Cradian spawning pools on Bel-dan III were found to have been infected with Olm nanomachines, which are believed to have stunted the growth and health of many members of the species. Cradians spawned after leaving Cradia may develop in a different manner.

Game Rules

  • Species Keywords: Reptilian
  • Default Faction: Dominion

Species Trappings

  • Yellow tone on all exposed skin, with green shaded eyesockets, slight green highlighting on the cheek, and green scale pattern on the centre of the forehead down to the tip of the nose, and from the centre of the lower lip to the chest and below. This pattern can be reproduced with makeup.
  • Ridges of small yellow spikes arcing over each eyebrow – this can be simulated using prosthetics. The original Cradian prosthetics and makeup design was created by Millingtron SFX.


  • 2 Locational Body Hits, 200 second Death Count
  • Resolute Voice – While they participate in a one-to-one conversation with another character, roleplay effects on that character are suppressed (Show-me Lammie power)
  • Poem of the Will – Once per event, by delivering a stirring and uplifting speech, a Cradian character can grant up to 5 other characters who are listening the ability to call RESIST to the next roleplay effect that affects them. This ability expires when it is used or after 2 hours have passed (Show-me Lammie power)
  • In Defiance of Dread – A Cradian character who has created a notable painting, poem, song or other artwork prior to an event can show it to the Game Team to gain the ability to call RESIST to any roleplay effects that cause them to feel fear or apprehension for the rest of the current event.

With fairly unremarkable reptiloid physiology that has strong genetic similarities with Serpentine Tulaki, Cradians are distinguished by their neural makeup as well as their cultural background. Cradian characters have 2 locational hits and a 200 second Death Count.

Cradian characters have 2 unique Show-me Lammie abilities that they can use a certain number of times each event, representing their aesthetic sense, and if they create art between events they can use the act of creation to serve as a reserve of confidence and internal strength each event.

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