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Hailing from the Fas'Kelk system in the Bleak Sector, the Kelki are relatively reluctant subjects of the Dominion. While they have embraced the quest for individualistic success that is the heart of the Path of Tulak, they have more problems with the aspects of encouraging others to succeed. The Kelki are a highly individualistic and competitive species. When discovered by the Dominion as they pushed into the Orion Arm, the Kelki were at an early industrial level of technology, and still divided into a multiplicity of small warring states who competed for power and resources. In the intervening 600 or so years there is still a lot of this competitiveness ingrained in Kelki culture.


Kelki are fiercely competitive in almost every field of endeavour. They will rarely offer much respect to anyone who has not personally demonstrated their superiority and prowess, or are a close friend. They are argumentative and fractious, but generally relatively good-natured about it, and they forget slights against them quickly - but in the heat of the moment they can lash out at those they see as a threat to their status and superiority.


Kelki are humanoid in general shape, but possess pointed ears and heavyset, gnarled brows. Their skin is mostly Terran-like in colour, and shows similar variation. However, as well as longer hair, above the cheekbones Kelki faces are covered with a light coating of brown fur shot through with silver patches.

Some Kelki have iridescent irises in their eyes, which function similarly to a Terran feline's tapetum lucidum - a specialised tissue that allows additional light into the eye under low-light conditions. This gives Kelki the potential to have improved vision at night, although this requires training the eyes to be of use, which most modern Kelki are not interested in doing.

Psionic Kelki have patchy fur that glows in psionically active areas, and some have irises that do the same.

Game Rules

  • Species Keywords: Mammelian, Psionic
  • Default Faction: Dominion

Species Trappings

  • Pointed ears, which may be physrepped by prosthetics. Kelki ears are pointed, but not particularly elongated.
  • Thickset, gnarled brow. This may be physrepped by a prosthetic brow similar to the stereotypical “vampire brow”
  • Brown fur on the upper part of the face, with fine silver streaks. This may be physrepped with makeup.
  • (Optional) Some Kelki have iridescent irises in their eyes in various colours, which can be physrepped with special effect contact lenses.
  • Psionic Kelki have larger patches of silvery fur that glows in the presence of a psionic aura. This can be physrepped with UV-reactive makeup. Some also have irises that do the same, using UV-reactive contact lenses.


  • 2 locational body hits
  • Death Count of 200 seconds.
  • Psionic - Kelki start with 1 Psi Point, and can purchase powers from the Telekinesis Root Path and its Branch Paths.

Kelki have 2 locational body hits and a Death Count of 200 seconds. Kelki are latent telekinetics, and with training are able to use their mental powers to affect the physical world in a far more direct way than Elysian psions. Kelki start with 1 Psi Point, and can buy powers from the Telekinesis Root Path and its Branch Paths. The extent of their powers is not well-known among the other species of the galaxy, but it is known that they can generate effects similar to the REPEL and STRIKEDOWN calls.

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