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-Bookings are open for 2019! [[tickets|You can book tickets here!]]+Bookings are open for 2020! [[tickets|You can book tickets here!]]
-  * **Event ​3** - 12th-14th of April at Cranham Scout Centre ​in Gloucestershire (Early Booking ends 8th of March)+  * <del>**Event ​6** - 15-17th of May at Bravo One in central Birmingham.</​del>​ May event cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
-  * **Event ​4** - 5th-7th of July at Kinver ​Scout Camp in Staffordshire (Early Booking ends 24th of May)+  * **Event ​6** - 17th-19th of July at Cranham ​Scout Centre near Gloucester
-  * **Event ​5** - 4th-6th of October at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre in Lancashire (Early Booking ends 23rd of August).+  * **Event ​7** - 2nd-4th of October at Barnswood Scout Camp near Macclesfield.
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