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 ====== Game FAQs ====== ====== Game FAQs ======
 +===== Event FAQs =====
 +==== What technology can I bring to events? ====
 +Most of it! Phones and tablets are fine (and can be used to physrep Science Devices if you like). The Internet is obviously not IC if you access it, but the [[Galactipedia]] section of this wiki is an IC resource - we'd recommend using a website downloader/​offline web viewer to download the wiki if you want to look up things at events, since it will save battery and data allowance (although we will have tablets with offline wiki copies integrated into the charging stations in each Faction camp). Note that you are responsible for your own stuff if you bring it to events.
 +There are a few restrictions on certain bits of tech, mostly for OOC game logistics reasons.
 +  * You can make phone calls to other players IC assuming you can get signal, although we would ask players not to make calls or answer them while off-planet (on missions or in spaceships) to preserve the way FTL communication works in the setting.
 +  * Cameras are fine, but we would ask players to take down photos on social media if requested by the people in them.
 +  * Radios are fine, but we would ask you to test your radios with the Game Team at the start of the event, so we can restrict you to a few set channels and prevent interference with our own radios. Player-owned radios cannot be used while on missions - they will be out of range IC.
 +  * Drones are fine, but cannot enter the Mission Area (since it represents off-planet locations).
 +  * Taking videos on a camera, phone or GoPro is ok, but please do not post videos to social media without checking with the Game Team first, both at and after events.
 ===== Character FAQs ===== ===== Character FAQs =====
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