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Elysians believe strongly in the value of community

Elysians are humanoids, distinguished by their pointed or webbed ear-tips, unblemished skin and psionically active features. Although most Elysians have similar variation in skin colour to humans, some have a pale and washed out tone (This look can be accomplished with foundation or makeup). Their skin also appears to be partially translucent, and dark veins can be seen running close to the surface. Elysians are thought to have plant-like elements in their genetic structure, and have some ability to derive nutrients directly from their environment.

Many Elysians possess psionic abilities, which express themselves physically – more powerfully psionic Elysians tend to acquire markings on their bodies or hair that glow in a psionically active area, and may be visible the rest of the time. Often this effect occurs in the iris of the eye, or on tattoo-like markings on the skin (which are said to be shaped by the psyche of each individual Elysian). This effect can be achieved with UV-reactive contact lenses or makeup.

Elysian names are composed of an individual name and a family name. Both names tend to be vowel heavy, especially using a lot of “a”, “ae”, “o” and “u” sounds, and avoiding harsh-sounding consonants. Their names often have a flowing quality, and may reference philosophical or stellar phenomena, some examples being Lanthur, Iesmenae, Asdus, Nebala or Aster.


Elysians are the Dominant Species of the Commonality. They may purchase Commonality Status for 2 character points per rank.

Elysians have 1 locational hit and a Death Count of 200 seconds. All Elysians are Psions, and have 2 psi points. Elysians also have access to the greatest variety of psionic abilities in all of known space, and may purchase powers from the Coercion, Psionic Resonance and Psychosomatics Root Paths, as well as any Branch paths that derive from them.

Elysians are able to use their network of psionically engineered Nexus Trees to open stable wormholes across vast distances. These portals can only be used by Elysians and other species who have been psionically altered in specific ways.

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