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Four Factions vie for control of the Orion Sphere. Each one holds sway over a vast area of space, and rules over hundreds of populated worlds. Although each Faction has powerful armies and fleets of starships, the vast distances of interstellar space makes it impossible to maintain direct rule over all of their holdings. The true strength of the Factions lie in their cultural and ideological dominance of those who shelter under them.

The four Factions of the Orion Sphere are as follows;

Ascendancy - An authoritarian, militaristic regime ruled by a council of powerful aristocratic Houses. Dominated by Terrans, who enjoy relative prosperity and benefit from brutal training that fortifies their minds and bodies with the strength of their Will.

Commonality - A philosophical faction dedicated to understanding the mysteries of the cosmos, guided by a caste of Judges, who possess mysterious mental powers. The main species in the Commonality are the powerfully psionic Elysians, whose physical frailty is more than made up for by their mental abilities and psionically-enhanced technology.

Dominion - Ruled by priests and heroes, the Dominion is built around a religion whose sacred calling is competition and striving to become a legend. The reptilian Tulaki are the main species in the Dominion, a species that shows remarkable genetic diversity and resilience.

Free Union - A confederacy of fiercely independent human colonies and alien worlds, whose adaptability and diversity are their main strengths. Although the majority of the Free Union's population is human, its alien vassals enjoy equal status in society. The Free Union has less cultural requirements and a lot more freedom for divergent character concepts, but has fewer advantages as a result.

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