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The Terran Ascendancy

The Ascendancy's main strength is its powerful and well-disciplined military

Humanity must survive. Humanity must prosper. The Terran species, by virtue of its perseverance, drive and strength, is the greatest ever to travel the stars, and it is their destiny to rule them. The Terran Ascendancy brings the torch of Fallen Terra's benevolence to the benighted stars, and claims all of humanity as its subjects, whether they are willing to bend the knee or not.

The Ascendancy was born out of brutal struggle and hardship in the Sol system after the biosphere of Terra collapsed nearly four millennia ago. Those who survived, on fragile colonies and orbitals, were compelled to create a rigid and authoritarian society as the only alternative to chaos and extinction. From the early council of station commanders came the system of Houses - aristocratic groups who would come to rule over vast fiefdoms, and collectively decide the destiny of humanity and the aliens in their care.

Discipline and order are prized within the Ascendancy, and the ruling Noble Houses move swiftly to suppress any dissent lest their domain collapse back into the anarchy that led to Terra's fall. To the Ascendancy, the wider universe is a dark place filled with dangers and threats, and survival requires order and discipline. Their mighty naval and military forces stand ready to combat any threats to the Ascendancy's supremacy, though their leadership may jostle for power and influence amongst themselves. Those who seek status within the Ascendancy must show evidence of their success as well as deference to authority, all while courting the patronage of the powerful.

Ascendancy Topics

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