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Terrans are a humanoid species that evolved on ancient Terra, the third planet of the Sol system. During the collapse of their homeworld's ecosystem, caused by the Terrans themselves, many of them took to the stars in massive sub-light sleeper-ships, which spread the species across the Orion Sphere. The Terrans remaining in the Sol system went through a massive cultural shift shortly after the collapse, forming the Ascendancy. The Ascendancy Terrans were one of the earliest known species to develop warp drive and shielding technology, and were able to swiftly conquer and integrate much of their diaspora into the growing Ascendancy.

During the First Tulaki Invasion, a large number of worlds on the Coreward side of the Ascendancy broke away to form the Free Union. The Terrans in this new Faction were at most only partially integrated into Ascendancy culture, which the new Faction widely rejected. In the modern era, two main sub-groups of Terrans can be identified, divided among cultural lines between the Free Union and Ascendancy. Other cultural groupings exist, but these are mostly of the scale of a single colony or handful of worlds. There are countless Terran colonies from their original flight yet undiscovered, and more colonies are still being established by sleeper ships that departed their home system thousands of years ago.

Ascendancy Terrans

Ascendancy Terrans are austere and disciplined, but with an iron determination to survive and succeed

The Ascendancy belongs to the children of ancient Terra, the humans. Space is their birthright, as survivors in the orbitals of Sol or the colony ships that flung themselves into interstellar void to survive the death of their homeworld. These survivors were from a host of nationalities and backgrounds, and had to cooperate to survive in the thousands of years since. In the Ascendancy, all social distinctions of race and nationality from pre-Fall Terra have been obliterated. What remains is the true nature of humanity - an iron determination to strive, succeed and survive at any cost.


Ascendancy Terrans are the Core Species of the Ascendancy. They may purchase Ascendancy Status for 2 character points per rank.

Ascendancy Terrans have 2 locational body hits and a death count of 200. They may purchase Discipline Skills, representing the brutal training and conditioning the Ascendancy applies to its favoured operatives. Ascendancy Terrans also contribute 20% more to their Group Income than their equivalents in other factions, to reflect their greater degree of logistical support and the backing of the Ascendancy's industrial machine.

Free Union Terrans are a hardy and resolute folk

Free Union Terran

Descendants of those who fled Terra in a desperate rush for survival, they survived on a plethora of blindly-established and radically different colony worlds. The Terrans of the Free Union are diverse in their genetics and attitudes, but universally committed to their independence and dogged frontier spirit.


Free Union Terrans are the Core Species of the Free Union. They may purchase Free Union Status for 2 character points per rank.

Free Union Terrans have 2 locational hits and a Death Count of 200 seconds.

Free Union Terrans have no rules advantages, although they offer more freedom for creating diverse character concepts and have fewer cultural restrictions and requirements than the other Factions.

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