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Location: Hyades Sector
Claimed by: Ascendancy

The Lucius system is located close to the Ascendancy's border with the Free Union. It is well-populated, and one of House Ryzhikov's centres of power in the region. The proximity with the Free Union has led to some seditious groups in the system in the past. The large size and high temperature of the star means that its habitable zone is quite distant from the star itself, and ships have to travel quite far to reach the inhabited planets. The star is also particularly chaotic, emitting bursts of electromagnetic activity coupled with high-intensity radiation out to the orbit of Lucius V, making it hazardous to be close by for long periods. Orbital facilities closer to the star tend to fail catastrophically within a few years, and merchant vessels travelling from the warp points around the star are regularly threatened by pirate activity lurking within the danger zone.

Lucius Star

Type: Main Sequence
Radius: 1.8 Standard
Mass: 2.5 Standard
Black-body Temperature: 7450K

Orbiting Bodies

Lucius I

Type: Molten World

Lucius II

Type: Molten World

Lucius III

Type: Toxic World
Class: Nitric Acid

Lucius IV

Type: Barren World

Lucius Asteroid Belt

The Lucius system has a dense asteroid belt between Lucius IV and V, which is only sporadically mined - as it is within the hazardous emission radius of the Lucius star, it is safer to push asteroids out of the field and into safer orbits further from the star before mining. There are reputed to be hidden pirate bases hidden amongst the asteroids - the interference from the star makes them hard to find using conventional sensors, and some asteroids are large enough to create shielded facilities inside, or have tidally locked orbits where facilities can be safely constructed on their dark sides.

Lucius V

Type: Barren World

Lucius VI

Type: Habitable World
Class: Terraformed

Lucius VI is a terraformed world that is tidally locked with the Lucius star. One half of the planet is a baking desert, while the other is a dark, windswept series of continents. Its orbit partially shields it from the occasional outburst from Lucius that reaches out to this orbit. Although Lucius VI has no natural satellites, orbital mirrors reflect light onto parts of the dark side so that plants can be grown to support the native populace. The population of Lucius VI numbers in the billions, and the sheer number of inhabitants requires supplies to be shipped in from elsewhere in the sector.

Lucius VII

Type: Gas Giant
Class: Hydrogen Giant

Lucius VIII

Type: Habitable World
Class: Arctic, High-G

Lucius VIII is a large icy world between the giants. Without the high-intensity of the Lucius star it would be uninhabitable, but it is warm enough to sustain liquid water in about half of its year on parts of its surface. Lucius VIII is a large, high-gravity world. It has a sizeable population concentrated in several equatorial cities. More poleward-parts of the planet tend to be freezing wastelands roamed by native wildlife, although there are a number of factories as well as research and testing facilities here maintained by a few MegaCorps and by House Rhyzikov.

Lucius VIII has 4 moons of various sizes. The largest one is owned fully by Advanced Armaments, which has a major manufacturing facility there.

Lucius IX

Type: Ice Giant

Lucius X

Type: Ice Giant

Lucius XI

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