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Advanced Armaments

Founded: 1816PT

Founding Faction: Ascendancy

Interests: Weapons manufacture; minerals extraction & transport

Headquarters: Trappist IV

Founded in response to the Elysian Revelation of 1800PT, Advanced Armaments was came together as a merger between the second and fifth-largest weapons manufacturers at the time, combining their capacity to submit competitive bids for the flood of materiel contracts being issued by the Ascendancy Navy. Having discovered the first major power other than themselves had been covertly infiltrating their holdings for over a century, the Ruling Houses were seized by decades of warmongering paranoia, and military spending shot up. The success of Advanced Armaments in winning contracts quickly propelled them to the top spot among arms suppliers, slowly eliminating most of their competition by the time the conflict with the Commonality wound down two centuries later.

Today, Advanced Armaments are the single largest producers of weapons and military equipment in Known Space. They are a volume-based supplier who specialise in large military contracts, and leave high-finesse engineering to smaller firms and individuals. Although they began in the Ascendancy, they now supply equipment to all the known Factions. Their large-scale manufactories require a huge amount of raw material, and to support their production activities they have developed one of the largest bulk materials extraction operations in the Orion Sphere.

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