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The Elysian Commonality

The psions of the Commonality wield their mental powers to further their mysterious plans

Interconnectivity is the common thread of all sophont cultures. Greater connections with one's fellow beings, and with the universe at large, is the path to advancement and enlightenment. Those species that walk the path towards enlightenment must be protected and guided. Those who would block that path must be pushed aside. The Commonality knows these things to be true, and that truth must be acted upon.

At the heart of the Commonality are the diplomats, judges and agents of the Elysians, a fragile species of powerful psions. Their harnessing of the strange powers of the mind allows them to perform what appear to be miracles, traversing vast distances without starships, healing the injured and crushing the spirits of their foes. The ruling judges of the Elysians guide the Commonality as a whole, choosing which other species should benefit from their enlightenment and protection. In their wisdom they set in motion complex chains of interventions that further their hidden goals, snaring unsuspecting sophonts and pulling them along with the inevitability of the solar winds.

The Commonality seeks greater understanding of the universe and other minds. Their scientists and scholars scour all of known space for knowledge, and plumb the unknowable boundaries of the mental realm for esoteric secrets. Their warriors and spies stand guard against the many jealous powers arrayed against them, as well as the hidden threats that their search for wisdom may uncover.

Commonality Topics

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