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Psionic Aura

A psionic aura is an area suffused with psionic energy, usually due to the presence of some device or biota that projects it. While within the area, individuals with psionic abilities feel a sense of oneness and empowerment, as if their mind were participating in a perfect harmonic chorus with countless other minds. This feeling can be quite profound when first experienced, but individuals who spend a lot of time in or near psionic auras do get used to it in time. It is thought that spending a lot of time in psionic auras leads to some psions becoming addicted to the sensations they bring.

Psionic Auras at Events

At events, Psionic Auras are represented by objects and set-pieces that emit enough UV light to illuminate an area with it, and are either Game Items or are provided by the Game Team - players cannot set up Psionic Auras without having an appropriately lammied item. While within a Psionic Aura, characters with psionics skills are able to use their more advanced powers (individual powers will specify whether they require a Psionic Aura to be used). In order to take advantage of the Aura, the user and target(s) of the power must remain within the Aura for the entire time the power takes to use.

The most common sources of Psionic Auras at events are the Elysian Nexus Tree and portable Psionic Field Generator devices.

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