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Psionics Skills

Some species, most notably the Elysians, are capable of manifesting powerful mental effects to influence other minds, or event the physical world. These powers are poorly understood by non-psionic cultures, although they are generally thought to tap into some as-yet-undescribed quantum mechanism or universal force. Psionic abilities can manifest as things like telepathy, telekinesis, or the ability to induce psychosomatic wounds or speed healing. Psionic powers drain the mental energy of the user, which can be recharged by meditation or special stimulant injectors.

This entry encompasses the Game Rules for Psionic Powers - for information about the In-Character understanding of them, see Psionics.

Psi Points

A psion needs no weapon other than her mind

Psionic powers require the expenditure of considerable mental strength to manifest in the physical realm. All psionic characters have a reserve of Psi Points which represents their reserve of mental energy. The number of Psi Points that a starting character with no skills will have is determined by their Species. It is possible to increase a character's reserve of Psi Points, typically by buying the Psionic Potential skill or rank 6 in any Psionic Path. It is possible to temporarily increase a character's maximum psi points for a time using Medicaments, Exotic Substances or other, rarer means.

Psi Points are spent to manifest psionic powers - the cost in Psi Points for each power is indicated in its skill description. A character restores their mental reserves overnight - Psi Points are fully replenished at the start of each day. There are several other means of restoring Psi Points that have been spent, but most of these methods will require expending resources.

Psionics Rules

  • Psionic powers are bought as ranked skills, called Paths.
  • The Paths you can buy are restricted by your Species.
  • Each Path has 6 ranks, the final one always increases your Maximum Psi Points by 1.
  • Buying a rank in a Psionic Path costs 1 character point. This cost does not increase with extra ranks.
    • Psionic Potential is a separate, non-Path skill that any psion can buy, and its cost increases with each rank.
  • Some Paths have other Paths as prerequisites - you must have a certain rank in another Path before you can purchase them.
  • Using Psionic abilities costs Psi Points, which can be bought as a separate skill.
  • Psionic Abilities may deliver their effects as Calls, or via show-me lammie powers. See the power description for details.
  • Some Psionic abilities can only be used while in a Psionic Aura.
  • Some Psionic abilities may require a Referee to use.
  • Psionic Rituals require roleplayed action for the duration of their use time.

Psionic powers are purchased as skills, and drain Psi Points when used. A psion's pool of Psi Points determines how many powers they can use in a day, and recharges overnight, with some injectors, or after certain powerful psionic rituals. Characters can increase their pool of Psi Points by buying ranks of the Psi Capacity skill, or by buying the sixth rank of any Path.

Psionic powers are purchased on linear Paths, each of which has 5 ranks offering new powers followed by a 6th rank that increases the character's pool of Psi Points by 1. Paths cost 1 character point to purchase a new rank, while the Psionic Capacity Skill increases in cost with every rank purchased (so after a point gaining psi points becomes more effective by diversifying powers than by increasing raw capacity).

The Psionic Paths you can buy ranks in are restricted to those available to your Species. Each Species will specify which Root Paths they can buy, and they can also buy ranks in Paths that have those Root Paths as a prerequisite. So for instance, Kelki are listed as being able to buy the Telekinesis Root Path, but they can also buy Focused Telekinesis, as it has Telekinesis as a prerequisite.

Psionic abilities, when used, are usually delivered either via calls or special lammies that the psychic will show to their target. Many psi powers are initiated by the MESMERIZE Call – this power locks two minds together and allows the psion to use more complex powers (usually those that require lammies rather than simple game calls).

Some psionic powers can only be performed in a Psionic Aura - Locations that empower psionic abilities, represented in the game by UV light. Individuals with psionic powers are encouraged to use UV-reactive dyes or makeup to show that they are empowered when in these areas. A Psionic Aura also allows the use of more complex psi powers within them. Some powers require more complex roleplayed actions as part of their use - these Psionic Rituals can vary between characters and species.

Psionic Paths

Elysian Paths

Root Paths Powers
Coercion Forcing your will upon other minds
Psionic Resonance Utilizing resonance to commune with other minds and use psi crystals
Psychosomatics Using psionic power to promote bodily healing
Branch Paths Prerequisite Powers
Endopathoi Coercion 1 Projecting the emotions of Disgust, Sadness, Surprise & Fear
Exopathoi Coercion 1 Projecting the emotions of Anger, Anticipation, Joy & Trust
Mnemomorphosis Coercion 4 Delicately reprogramming the minds of others
Resonant Vitality Psionic Resonance 1 Communion with natural forces to perform powerful psionic rites
Resonant Blade Psionic Resonance 2 Focusing the mind through a crystal-enhanced weapon to deal powerful melee attacks
Empathosomatics Psychosomatics 2 Empathic transference used to promote calm and analyse psionic effects
Psychirosi Psychosomatics 3 Using psychosomatic pathways to gain total control over the psion's own body

Felani Paths

Root Paths Powers
Aura Development Expanding the power of the Felani's natural calming aura
Branch Paths Prerequisite Powers
Aura Dynamics Aura Development 2 Altering the range of emotions that the Felani's Aura projects
Aura Echoing Aura Development 3 Reflecting and containing their emitted psionic energy for a range of anomalous effects

Kelki Paths

Root Paths Powers
Telekinesis Moving physical matter with the power of the mind
Branch Paths Prerequisite Powers
Telekinetic Finesse Telekinesis 2 Using focused Telekinetic force to target specific objects or damage them
Telekinetic Fortification Telekinesis 3 Using Telekinetic force to protect the body from attacks

Kordai Paths

Root Paths Powers
Gravitic Equilibrium Manipulating gravity to move objects or resist movement
Branch Paths Prerequisite Powers
Gravitic Force Gravitic Equilibrium 3 Using gravitic spikes and waves to damage, immobilise or repel things
Gravitic Focus Gravitic Equilibrium 4 Imbuing a melee weapon with gravitic power to enhance or deflect attacks

Lithos Paths

Root Paths Powers
Lithokinesis Using psionic energy to influence earth and stone, and Lithos bodies
Branch Paths Prerequisite Powers
Lithomorphosis Lithokinesis 3 Mending or breaking physical objects and items
Henosis Lithokinesis 4 Communing with earth and stone in a variety of mystical ways

Vikaas Aquerna Paths

Root Paths Powers
Hydrolysis Advanced uses of the Aquerna's natural empathic abilities
Branch Paths Prerequisite Powers
Diffusion Hydrolysis 3 Controlling or sending emotions out into the environment
Osmosis Hydrolysis 2 Analysis of empathic resonance absorbed by the Aquerna's mind

Non-Path Skills

Psionic Potential

Psionic Potential costs 1 character point to buy the first rank, and each rank grants 2 extra Psi Points per day. The cost increases by 1 character point every time you buy a rank. All characters with access to Psionic Paths may purchase ranks in this skill.

Psionic Aptitude

Psionic Aptitude cannot be purchased by adult characters - it is a special ability that is only possessed by children aged 7-11 who are playing members of a psionic species. This skill represents a certain psionic flexibility in minds that are only beginning to form their psionic abilities. With this skill, a character can participate in a cooperative Psionic Ritual as if they knew the power being used. Most Psionic Rituals require all of their contributors to have the power being used, but a character with this skill can contribute Psi Points and benefit from the outcomes without having the required Power.

Pathless Powers

Although not on the standard list of purchasable powers, it is possible (through Invention or other methods), to learn Powers that exist on their own outside of the framework of a Path. These Pathless Powers need to be taught by other characters or NPCs, which will grant the ability to purchase them as long as you have the other prerequisite Powers. Once the Power has been taught, it can be purchased the following Downtime as normal - most Pathless Powers require 1 Character Point to acquire, but may cost more (their cost will be indicated on the Researched Ability entry).

Pathless Powers are specific to a single Psionic Species, and will usually require more than one Prerequisite Power to acquire.

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