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Lithos Psionic Paths

The Lithos species, vassals of the Commonality, are inherently psionic. Their mineral physiology is interlaced with thing strands of psi crystals, which resonate with their moods and environment. This resonance can be used to induce resonance in other bodies of minerals within the environment and in the bodies of the Lithos.

A Lithos psion can create localised tremors in the earth that throw other creatures off their feet, or solidify their outer skin into armour. They can derive sustenance from psi crystals, and refine this process to extract tremendous energy from these chunks of condensed psionic energy. Prior to their being brought into the Commonality, the Lithos did have some proficiency with their psionic abilities (and categorised their powers with length poetic names referencing their mythology). Under the tutelage of the Elysians, however, the applications for their peculiar, matter-focused abilities have broadened considerably.

Root Paths


Rank 1 - Worlds Tremble At Their Step

Cost: 1 Psi Point
Effect: STRIKEDOWN call

The psion creates a resonating rumble in the earth below the targets feet, throwing them off their balance. The psion can spend 1 Psi Point to call STRIKEDOWN at a character within 10 metres. The target must be standing on exposed earth or stone - this power does not work on someone standing on metal, wood or similar surfaces.

Rank 2 - Their Anger Shines Forth Impervious

Cost: 2 Psi Points
Effect: Grants the psion 1 Locational Armour Hit.

The psion rearranges the mineral lattice in their outer layers, hardening them into a barrier against attacks. By spending 2 Psi Points and meditating for 1 minute, the psion gains 1 additional Armour Hit to each location. These extra armour hits last until they are lost to damage, or the end of the day.

Rank 3 - Like Magma From the Depths

Cost: 1 Psi Points
Effect: Grants the psion a powerful melee attack depending on the weapon they are using.

The psion channels energy into their limbs, allowing them to deliver a brutally powerful strike with a Melee Weapon. By using this power and concentrating for 5 seconds, the psion can deliver one of the following calls with the appropriate type of Melee Weapon.

  • When using a Small weapon, then may call REND
  • When using a Medium Weapon they may call DISARM
  • When using a Large Weapon they may call REPEL

Rank 4 - The Heart Of Purest Sapphire

Cost: 0 Psi Points. Consumes 1 Psi Crystal
Effect: Fully heals the psion.

The psion absorbs a psi crystal, breaking it apart with their mind and releasing its energy into their body. This energy is channelled along their psi-crystal neural lattice, reinforcing their mineral structure and healing any damage. To use this power, the psion must perform 5 seconds of roleplayed concentration, after which they regain all lost Body Hits, and if they are in their Death Count it immediately stops. The psion must be conscious and fully aware to use this power - they cannot be Unconscious or Badly Injured. The consumed psi crystal does not have its usual effects.

Rank 5 - All Quake Before The Unconquered

Cost: 2 Psi Points

The psion unleashes a wave of emotion-powered mineral resonance into the ground beneath their feet, causing metal and stone to shake violently. After 5 seconds of roleplayed building their emotional intensity (often shouting or bellowing), the psion spends 2 Psi Points to call MASS STRIKEDOWN - they cannot direct this power in an arc, it affects everyone within 5 metres. This power is not restricted to earth or stone surfaces.

Rank 6 - Lithokinesis Summit

Obtaining rank 6 in Lithokinesis grants 1 additional Psi Point.

Branch Paths


Requires Lithokinesis 2

The Lithomorphosis Path is a more advanced application of the Lithos' powers, that requires a deeper understanding of the secrets of stone and metal. With this path, a psion can see how solid matter binds together, and the weaknesses in that structure. Masters of this path often become renowned as smiths and engineers, able to work metal with their bare fists.

Rank 1 - Make Whole Again

Cost: 1 Psi Point
Effect: Repairs an object broken by a SUNDER call. Requires a Psionic Aura.

The psion repairs a broken item, commanding the components to restore their connection. At this level of mastery, the focus and insight provided by a Psionic Aura is required to perform the fine reintegration of broken mineral and metal crystals. While within a Psionic Aura, the psion can spend 1 Psi Point and roleplay mending a SUNDERed item for 10 seconds to repair it.

Rank 2 - Nothing Stands Against The Maker

Cost: 2 Psi Points
Effect: Strike for SUNDER using a melee weapon.

The psion can cause physical matter to rend itself apart under their focused strikes. With 5 seconds roleplay focusing their power and spending 2 Psi Points, the psion can make a single strike for SUNDER using a melee weapon they can wield.

Rank 3 - The Steel Gives Up Its Secrets

Cost: 0 Psi Points
Effect: A psion with this power halves the cost of Engineer work.

The psion can gain an intimate knowledge of most crafted devices by studying them for long enough, and work out how best to maintain and improve them, using their powers to make small adjustments and alterations to the materials it is built from. If a character with this power does work with the Engineer skill, it costs half as much Energy Chits as normal.

Rank 4 - Stone Hands Shape The Mountains

Cost: 1 Psi Point
Effect: Repairs an object broken by a SUNDER call.

The psion repairs a broken item, commanding the components to restore their connection. The psion can spend 1 Psi Point and roleplay mending a SUNDERed item for 10 seconds to repair it.

Rank 5 - With A Word All Came To Ruin

Cost: 2 Psi Points
Effect: Ranged SUNDER call.

The psion can command physical matter to shatter with a focused release of mental energy. By spending 10 seconds of roleplay focusing their power and spending 2 Psi Points, the psion can call SUNDER (target object) at any held object within 10 metres. Typically this release of power is accompanied by a loud shout or command by the psion.

Rank 6 - Lithomorphosis Summit

Obtaining rank 6 in Lithomorphosis grants 1 additional Psi Point.


Requires Lithokinesis 4

Henosis is the most recently developed Lithos path. It was heavily influenced by Elysian psionic theory, and is focused on the Lithos attaining communion with stones and matter, both in the surrounding area and in themselves.

Rank 1 - Gaze into the Tempest's Heart

Cost: 1 Psi Point
Effect: Reflexively dampen emotional roleplaying effects that target you.

By inverting the normal amplification mechanism of their psi-crystal linked brains, Lithos psions can create channels that dissipate powerful surges of emotion or feeling harmlessly. When targeted by an emotional roleplaying effect, such as an EFFECT (X) call, the psion may spend 1 Psi Point and reduce the intensity of the emotional effect so that it only mildly influences their roleplay. They may call RESIST while doing so (to make it clear that they have noticed the effect and are responding in a non-standard way), but must still experience a mild version of the effect.

Rank 2 - Lingering Pattern of the Demiurge

Cost: 2 Psi Points
Effect: Gives vague impressions about major past happenings in an area of earth or stone. Psionic Ritual. Requires a Referee.

Using this power, a psion can commune with the stones around them and gather information stored in their crystalline forms. Using this power requires 1 minute of meditative roleplay, which must involve direct contact with the ground or stone, and spending 2 psi points. The referee will then give a short (and vague) brief about the lingering imprint of major events that the stones have stored. This could provide useful information or hidden clues, or could be entirely useless. Using this power in the common area at main events is unlikely to produce any useful information, as the information gained is too scattered and chaotic due to the large number of happenings taking place. This power is mostly useful at smaller events or on missions.

Rank 3 - A Fragment Of The Eternal

Cost: 1 Psi Points. Consumes 1 Psi Crystal
Effect: Grants the psion the ability to regenerate damage for 2 hours.

The psion absorbs a psi crystal, breaking it apart with their mind and releasing its energy into their body. The tremendous energy is stored in their crystalline neural tissue and is slowly released over the following 2 hours, rapidly repairing any damage suffered. For 2 hours after this ability is used, the psion automatically regains lost Body Hits at a rate of 1 per minute (if multiple locations are damaged, then they all regain 1 hit at the same time). If the psion is using the Rank 2 Lithokinesis power Their Anger Shines Forth Impervious, they also regain the armour hits provided by this power (if they have been lost), but only after all lost body hits on that location have been restored. This power does not prevent the psion from LETHAL calls or dying should they reach the end of their Death Count. The consumed psi crystal does not have its usual effects.

Rank 4 - Unity Cannot Be Shattered

Cost: 2 Psi Points, which are “Invested” for the duration of this power
Effect: Grants the psion +1 Locational Body Hit. Psionic Ritual.

When using this power, the psion uses some of their psionic potential and sends it coursing in rhythmic currents through their body, reinforcing their physical form. When this power is used, the psion performs 1 minute of roleplayed meditation, spends 2 Psi Points and also decreases their Maximum Psi Points by 2 (so they cannot regain Psi Points above the new reduced Maximum value). While they are maintaining this power, the psion gains 1 Locational Body Hit.

The psion may choose to end this power by spending 1 minute in roleplayed meditation and focus - if they do so, their Maximum Psi Points increases back by 2 points (although they do not regain any Psi Points, they can now regain points up to that value again). When this power ends, the psion loses the extra Locational Body Hit - their hits on each location only decrease if they were above their normal values. This power cannot be maintained past the end of the day.

Rank 5 - The Light Shone Out Into The Cosmos

Cost: 5 Psi Points
Effect: The psion emits a Psionic Aura for 10 minutes. Psionic Ritual.

The ultimate expression of their connection with the surrounding universe, the Lithos psion reaches into their mind and sends their psionic energy out into their surroundings as a Psionic Aura. After a few moments of roleplayed meditation and spending 5 Psi Points, the psion generates a Psionic Aura around themselves for the next 10 minutes. While maintaining the aura, they may move around, although they may disrupt others using the aura if they move too quickly. While maintaining this power, the psion cannot use any other powers.

The Psionic Aura produced by this power must be physrepped with one or more sources of UV light, but the exact form can vary - the light may come from the character's costume or be somehow incorporated into their kit, it could shine out of the crystalline prosthetics or out of an object the character is holding - players with this power are encouraged to come up with interesting and unique light sources.

Rank 6 - Henosis Summit

Obtaining rank 6 in Henosis grants 1 additional Psi Point.

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