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Psi Crystal

Psi Crystals are condensed psionic power - mental energy given literal form as physical matter. Psi crystals can condense spontaneously in nature, but they are most commonly created by powerful psions, such as masters of Psionic Resonance. Where they do form naturally, it is usually in areas of powerful psionic energy - either due to the presence of psionic fauna or flora.


Psi Crystals are difficult to fully analyse - although they appear to be made of matter, they contain massive quantities of psionic energy, and it is extremely difficult to split into smaller samples that can be analysed without them breaking down and sublimating into energy again. With great care and specialist equipment samples have been analysed in the past by Commonality scientists, but psi crystals appear to be composed of no known elements, and no subatomic particles can be detected when they are broken up.

From a practical standpoint, psi crystals are composed of repeating arrangements of pseudo-molecules in a fairly consistent crystal lattice structure. They contain large quantities of residual psionic energy and as a result are only semi-stable - when their crystal lattice is disturbed, the resulting cascade of released energy destabilises the rest of the crystal and it rapidly sublimates into energy.


Psi crystals form in a variety of structures - there is clearly a range of “psi crystal minerals” that can form, with a variety of crystal orientations and lattice structures. Some form clear hexagonal crystals, others take the shape of more amorphous pebbles, while some form in fine acicular crystalline needles.

These forms do seem to bear some resemblance to the type or nature of power contained within the psi crystal, but there are so many crystal forms and the overlap of abilities is considerable, so it is difficult to predict the type of energy that is contained within an individual psi crystal based on its shape alone.

When weaving a psi crystal, Elysian Crystal Weavers describe channelling their psionic power along regular lines, visualising a lattice of the mind in which energy can stabilise and condense into physicality. The lattices that will stabilise in any given set of environmental and ambient psionic conditions are quite restricted, however, and the process of crystal weaving is often described as a trial-and-error process of experimenting with many different lattice constructs until they can find one that will actually work in a given time and place.

Of particular note are the more stable varieties of Psi Crystals created by Crystal Weaver Engineers. These crystals are typically induced to condense around specific technical components within a device, and are able to create enhancements that would be impossible without them. The crystals formed in this manner are smaller, more stable and more consistent than their more powerful cousins - although they require very specific configurations of energy fields, seed substrates and boundary materials to form, and take substantially more time to condense.

Game Rules

Psi Crystals are game items, physrepped with a crystal or similar object, and use a rip-tab lammie to indicate their special status. Psi Crystals are single-use items that have a powerful psionic effect when used - the specific effect that any given psi crystal has will be indicated on its lammie. Some psi crystals have an effect that applies only to a single character, while others might apply to an area or multiple characters. To use the crystal, tear the lammie's rip-tab and roleplay its effects. Any character can use a psi crystal.

There are several forms of possible psi crystal in Orion Sphere LRP, and generally when one is created it will be of a random type. Some of the abilities of Psi Crystals include:

  • Creating a temporary psionic aura in the immediate area where the crystal is used for 10 minutes.
  • Completely restoring all of the users spent Psi Points.
  • Increasing the user's Maximum Psi Points by 3 for the rest of the day.
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