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Medicaments are pharmaceuticals used with injectors to produce game effects on characters. In order to be used, Medicaments must be applied either using an injector or by a Physician using appropriate roleplaying equipment.

Medicaments are represented in-game with a tear-edge lammie. The lammie will indicate its effects on the back, and also has a space to stick Exotic Substances stickers to. While the medicament is taking effect or still in effect, you should retain the lammies for any medicaments you have taken.

The term Medicaments became preferred over pharmaceuticals in the first few centuries of the Ascendancy, when the aggressively Francophone House Clervoy, who produced the majority of drugs at the time, insisted on the term for all of their pharmaceutical products. In the intervening period, the term has stuck and become the standard term for translator technology.

At events, various Medicaments can usually be purchased from one or more MegaCorps, typically those with an interest in biotech (such as Lazarus Corporation) or equipment (such as Advanced Armaments).

List of Medicaments

Name Effect
Med-serum Heals all lost Body Hits after 1 hour of low activity (no fights or running)
Wound Sealant Heals 1 Locational or Global Body Hit after 1 minute of rest
Active coagulant Increases your Death Count by 100 for 1 day
Rad-blocker Shields the user from moderate doses of radiation for a day
Radiation Nanosponges Purges some radiation after 1 hour of rest.
Molecular anti-toxin Purges common toxins after 30 minutes of rest. Extremely painful
Cellular Rebalance Suppresses the symptoms of most physical Conditions for 1 hour.
Cellular Ablative Grants +1 Locational Body Hit for 2 hours
Muscle Stims Grants a single use of one melee weapon call over the rest of the day - Small - THROUGH, Medium - STRIKE, Large - REND
Nerve Stims Grants a single use of one melee weapon call over the rest of the day - Small - LETHAL, Medium - DISARM, Large - STRIKEDOWN
Life Preserver Pauses your death count at the moment of application for 10 minutes
Medi-stasis Places the body (which cannot be currently in their death count) in a pseudo-death state until revived, allowing survival in most conditions
Medi-stasis Antidote Revives a person who has taken Medi-stasis over a period of about 10 minutes.
Mood Regulator Part-tranquiliser that temporarily suppresses existing roleplay effects for 10 minutes.
Wide-spectrum Antibiotics Cures common diseases after 8 hours
Bloodfire Antivirals Cures common diseases after 1 hour. Extremely painful while it takes effect.
Neural Azoth Restores all psi points after 10 minutes of roleplayed ritual action. If your ritual is disturbed for more than 5 seconds, the dose is wasted
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