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Lazarus Corporation

Founded: 3522 PT

Founding Faction: Free Union

Interests: Advanced biotechnology.

Headquarters: Luciana III-B

Lazarus Corporation is now one of the most well-known MegaCorps in the Orion Sphere, but from the perspective of the major Factions it came out of nowhere. Thought to have originally been located on a minor Free Union world, knowledge of the organisation became widespread in 3522 PT when it distributed advertisements for the only product it offers – the ReBirth process. ReBirth offers customers the ultimate in second chances – if you die of any almost any cause except ageing, Lazarus Corporation will bring you back to life, with all of your memories intact up to the moment of your death. Although the specifics of the ReBirth process are unknown, test subjects from each of the Factions demonstrated that it worked, and immediately all four Factions (and most other MegaCorps) recognised Lazarus as an independent body with the full status of a MegaCorp. The facilities it had claimed in its initial advertising material were recognised as its territory alone, and most Faction leaders underwent the ReBirth Process, as an insurance policy against mishaps and assassination.

Since then, Lazarus Corporation has expanded their holdings, allowing them to offer ReBirth to many wealthy individuals. They have formed strong links with other MegaCorps, and are renowned for their impartiality, and also their secrecy. Despite offering a limited range of services, Lazarus are known to have extensive research interests, particularly in biotechnology. They are known to offer standing rewards for uncommon genetic material and biological samples via Clearance Organisation bounties from time to time, especially when new worlds with pre-existing alien biology are discovered. Exactly what their research is, or what they use the obtained samples for, is a secret kept closely guarded within Lazarus.

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