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Exotic Substances

Exotic Substances are consumable items that are used to improve other equipment or characters temporarily. They can be found at events, be part of your Groups income, or can be synthesised by Scientist characters between events with their leftover Research Points. These items are great ways to boost your gear for a day, or for the duration of a difficult mission.

There are 3 types of Exotic Substances; Exotic Particles, Exotic Reagents and Exotic Biotics (One type for each of the 3 Science Specialisations in the game). Each type can be used by scientist characters to enhance certain classes of objects for a short duration. The lammies for these items will have removable stickers which can be stuck to other lammies to indicate a change in their properties.

Physreps for exotic substances might be a small test tube of mineral samples, vial of coloured liquid or a small containment vessel.


  • Exotic Substances are single-use items represented by a printed sticker with the details of what the substance does.
  • A character requires at least 1 rank in the relevant speciality to apply an Exotic Substance to an item or character. Once the Substance is applied then the item can be used as normal.
  • Applying an Exotic Substance to an item or character requires 1 minute of appropriate scientific roleplaying, which can incorporate sticking the sticker on the lammie, etc.
  • When applying an Exotic Substance, attach the sticker to a valid lammie, and record the date and/or time of use if required (the sticker will have a space indicating what to record).
    • Stickers attached to lammies without a readable date/time are not valid.
    • If the sticker degrades or comes off the lammie then it is wasted.
    • Remove the sticker when its duration expires.
    • Stickers cannot be transferred to other lammies/items once attached.
    • A lammie can only have one sticker attached to it at a time. If you use a newer exotic substance on an item with a sticker, the effect of the first immediately ends.
  • The exotic substance continues to have its effect as long as the duration hasn't expired and the sticker remains attached and readable.

For the specific rules for each Substance, see the pages on Exotic Particles, Exotic Reagents and Exotic Biotics

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