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Exotic Particles

Exotic Particles are one of the three types of Exotic Substances. They relate to the Etheric Science speciality, and tend to interact in interesting ways with devices that store or consume energy in the form of Charges. Exotic particles of one kind or another can occasionally be found in the environment, but require a scanner to detect, and an extractor to collect.

Exotic Particles can be physrepped with some kind of containment device, which can hold multiple samples of a single type of particle. Containment device physreps should be no smaller than a deck of cards, and would typically be about the size of a jam jar. Depending on the faction technology style, a containment device could be a large crystal, a series of metallic tubes with lights and buttons on it, or a panelled cube with various plug sockets on it.

Known Exotic Particles

Particle Type Used On Use Duration
Magneto-gravitons Extractors Empowers extractors and samplers 1 day
Multiphasic Bosons Weapon Adds ability to strike for THROUGH with charges 2 hours
Quark Plasma Device / Weapon Allows an item to use its powers without spending charges 10 minutes
Rastan Particles Device / Weapon -1 charges to use item's abilities (minimum 1) 2 hours
Resonant Neutrons Scanners Empowers detection devices and scanners 1 day
Shredder Particles Weapon Adds ability to strike for REND with charges 2 hours
Soarix Particles Analysers Empowers analysers 1 day
Yurian Lattice Plasma Device / Weapon Doubles charge capacity of item 1 day
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