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Resonant Neutrons




OOC Game Information

Resonant Neutrons are a type of Exotic Particle - an Exotic Substance related to Etheric Science. A physrep of some kind of energy containment device can be used to represent up to 10 measures of this substance, but particularly large physreps can hold more.

A measure of Resonant Neutrons can be applied to Scanners to enhance their Survey function. Applying a measure of this substance to such a device will increase its detection range for the remainder of the day. This will allow it to detect phenomena at greater distance than normal, or additional phenomena that would otherwise be hidden. While an empowered scanner may pick up additional phenomena, there is no guarantee that this will occur. Inform a ref that you have applied this substance to your scanner before you use it.

As with all Exotic Substances, a character with at least 1 rank in the relevant speciality (Etheric Science in this case) can spend 1 minute of appropriate roleplaying to apply 1 measure of Resonant Neutrons to an item. After this roleplaying, they should unpeel the sticker that represents this substance, stick it to the lammie of the item being powered-up, and record the current date on it.

The boost provided by this substance wears off at time-out on the day recorded on the sticker.

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