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Exotic Reagents

Exotic Reagents are one of the three types of Exotic Substances. They relate to the Corporeal Science speciality, and tend to react with physical substances such as armour, or the chemicals in injectors. to alter their effects. Exotic reagents of one kind or another can occasionally be found in the environment, but require a scanner to locate and collect.

Exotic reagents can be physrepped with samples of appropriate objects, like minerals or sample jars of liquids and crystals.

Known Exotic Reagents

Reagent Type Used On Use Duration
Active Gallium Characters Grants Minor Toxic Environment protection 30 minutes
Arcigolite Medicaments Doubles all medicaments durations As Medicament
Dirac Crystals Energy Fields Adds 1 hit to Energy Fields 2 hours
Fermite Medicaments Halves all medicaments durations Medicament
Fusible Polymer Armour Adds 1 hit to Armour 1 day
Insulation Film Armour Protects from Minor Cold and Minor Heat Environments 2 hours
Lead Amalgam Armour Provides Minor RADIATION protection 1 hour
Notum Devices Adds ability to resist SUNDER with charges 1 day
Omnicatalyst Medicaments Increases effectiveness (doubles non-duration numbers) As Medicament
Spectrum Inhibitor Medicaments Decreases effectiveness (halves non-duration numbers) As Medicament
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