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Spectrum Inhibitor

Spectrum Inhibitors are a suite of chemical compounds which affect a wide range of chemical interactions, preventing or slowing them. They are rare and specialised mixtures of various substances. Medicaments doped with spectrum inhibitors typically become much less effective, as the desired biochemical reactions are retarded in its presence. Spectrum inhibitors can be used to sabotage chemical substances - although they have limited usefulness in medicine, they are in high demand by shadier individuals working in corporate espionage. Spectrum Inhibitors are also useful to better control the rates of overly vigorous chemical reactions that might otherwise be dangerous or unstable.




OOC Game Information

Spectrum Inhibitors are a type of Exotic Reagent - an Exotic Substance related to Corporeal Science. A physrep of a sample of some kind of powder can be used to represent measures of this substance, smaller samples can represent one or two measures, while larger physrep samples can hold more. Please don't use powders that are dangerous or messy - coloured fine sugar is probably the best.

A measure of Spectrum Inhibitor can be applied to any single measure of an injectable Medicament. Applying a measure of this substance will reduce the medicament's effects, decreasing its benefit (or penalty). As a minimum, the Spectrum Inhibitors halves all numerical values on the Medicament, except any that refer to durations or time. Any fractions are rounded down. Some Conditions will specifically note what will happen when they are treated with a Spectrum Inhibitor-doped substance.

Examples of operation:

  • Wound Sealant - heals 1 lost hit after 1 minute of rest. With Spectrum Inhibitor, heals 0 lost hits, and has no effect.
  • Active coagulant - Increases your Death Count by 100 for 1 day. With Spectrum Inhibitor, increases your Death Count by 50 for 1 day
  • Cellular Ablative - Grants +1 Locational Body Hit for 2 hours. With Spectrum Inhibitor, grants 0 Locational Body Hits, and has no effect.
  • Muscle Stims - Grants 2 uses of a melee weapon call over the rest of the day. With Spectrum Inhibitor, grants 1 use.

Spectrum Inhibitor may have other effects when applied to certain substances that don't use numerical values on their effect lammies - Radiation nanosponges might purge less radiation, etc. These effects are difficult to predict however - if you have taken a Medicament doped with Spectrum Inhibitor and it doesnt have any numerical effects, then you can decide if the Spectrum Inhibitor has no effect, or alternatively you can approach a Ref, who may decide that it has an additional effect (but may not). Spectrum Inhibitors are delicate and complex mixtures of compounds that are impossible to manufacture completely consistently.

As with all Exotic Substances, a character with at least 1 rank in the relevant speciality (Corporeal Science in this case) can spend 1 minute of appropriate roleplaying to apply 1 measure of Spectrum Inhibitor to a Medicament. After this roleplaying, they should unpeel the sticker that represents this substance, and stick it to the lammie of the Medicament, modifying its game effect.

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