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Commonality Look & Feel


Taelons (Earth: Final Conflict), Eldar & Tau (Warhammer 40k), Na’vi (Avatar), High Elves (Lord of the Rings), Romulans (Star Trek), Minbari (Babylon 5)

Elysians favour loose, pale clothing, with a tighter underlayer when needed
A lot of Commonality equipment has decoration that lights up in a psionic aura (represented by UV light)


The culture of the Commonality places value on being connected with the world and with nature, and remaining flexible to its demands on the individual - an outlook that strongly influences their clothing. Commonality members, and Elysians in particular, tend to dress in loose, flowing garments that are pale in colour – light pastels, creams and greys are common. Their overall costume usually takes the form of a number of these flowing garments layered over each other, sometimes with a tighter, form-fitting garment underneath. Warmer gear will usually incorporate more layers, or warm shawls and wraps.

Commonality adornments (and also technology) share stylistic elements with natural forms where possible. A wealthy citizen might wear a circlet of twisting branches studded with gems, or a silvered bracer decorated with branching, swirling patterns. Psions are likely to incorporate psionically active materials into their clothing - which glow in the presence of psionic auras (physrepped by UV light sources). Solid costume elements and armour usually appear to be make from bone-like bioplastics, wood or gemstones. Bioplastic or wooden elements are usually designed with gently curved lines and smooth surfaces rather than blocky elements or sharp angles. Complex, fractal, branching patterns are often used as design motifs, as are elements like spirals, leaves and trees.

Technological devices, weapons and armour also use these materials and follow a similar style, with curved lines, natural colours and smooth, organic-looking surfaces. They eschew metals in their technology where possible, often using pale, bone-coloured bioplastics or shaped wood in its place. They also incorporate crystals and gemstones into their technology and attire – these serve a decorative, and in some cases practical purpose, as power storage matrices, buttons or focusing devices. The working components of tech are usually concealed behind smooth panels. Metal parts are acceptable, but should be kept to detailing and small components. Additionally, due to the prevalence of psi powers in Elysian society, much of their equipment can be decorated with UV-reactive paint or dyes – UV light is the in-game marker for psionically active areas.

See this Pinterest board for an overall impression of the intended look and feel of the Elysian Commonality.

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