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Location: Origin Sector
Type: Frontier System
Claimed by: Dominion

System Details

Talius is a relatively bare system with a small and weak sun, but prominent asteroid mining activity and some large shipbuilding facilities that draw upon those mining operations. Located close to the edge of Dominion space on the coreward third of the Origin Sector, it gained prominence around 1800PT due to a revelation of Lukan the Wayfinder that struck a crew of teenagers exploring an isolated area of woodland - all of whom went on to become renowned explorers and in two cases are thought to have joined the Choir of Lukan as Immortal Spirits. An important shrine to the Wayfinder has been built on the site of the revelation, and many Heroes gearing up to lead a major expedition have made their way to the shrine to obtain the Wayfinder's blessing. The shrine lies on the only inhabited planet, Talius 3.

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