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Science Devices

One of the core abilities of Scientists is their ability to use Science Devices to gather information from their surroundings. All characters with the Scientist skill can use the three basic science devices; Analyser, Extractor and Scanner. These devices can be purchased from MegaCorps in the hub area of events, or may be earned as part of a group's income (especially a Scientific Group).

Scanners inform a scientist about interesting phenomena that might be hidden from them in the immediate area (in a forest clearing, for example). A quick sweep with a scanner could reveal the presence of hidden minerals that can be extracted or used, or the presence of exotic particles in the atmosphere.

Analysers are used to detect basic information about a specific object or scientific phenomena that is immediately present. For example, analysing a force field blocking your path might reveal that it rises and falls in timed sequences, or that it will go offline if its emitter is hit by a FREEZE call. Analysing a strange mineral sample might tell you that it stores and converts incoming energy from energy weapons into waves of concussive force. Generally, it will tell you what the thing is, and which scientific specialisation it relates to.

Extractors are used to take samples of materials from the environment. They can be used to extract usable measures of exotic substances that a crew might find on a tomb world, or extract a sample of a deadly virus that can be researched to find a cure.

Science Devices require Charges to be used. They will indicate their charge capacity and how many charges must be torn to use their abilities on their lammie. To use some Science Devices (generally the ones that detect information about the area), you must have a Ref present to provide the information - usually these devices get used on a mission, where a ref should be present. If you are using a device on an NPC, they may have been briefed with information to give you (you may ask OOC first if this is the case before tearing your Charges).

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