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Dominion Faction Attitudes

Tulaki priests inspire the neophytes of the Path with powerful sermons

Dominion Vassals

The Dominion regards their vassals as having the potential for greatness, but requiring a longer distance to get there than Tulaki. While exceptional individuals who prove themselves are considered to be equal to equivalent Tulaki heroes, in general, vassal races are considered to have a lot still to learn. Tulaki tend to regard their vassals as an older sibling might see a younger one - protective, and willing to offer help and guidance, but demanding of respect and a certain degree of seniority. Dominion vassals cannot become Priests, as they are not regarded as having sufficiently pure cultural upbringings to be able to function as effective conduits for the will of the Immortal Spirits.


The Commonality are little known to the Dominion, as their space lies on the opposite side of the Orion Arm. They are seen as being overly mysterious and lacking in substance. The Commonality is, culturally, almost the complete opposite of the Dominion, but there has not been enough friction between the two sides for the Dominion to show them any real regard. There is a general perception that the Elysians in particular are far too arrogant for their own good - while it is important that one takes ownerships of their successes, theirs often feels like a hollow brashness that has no great deeds behind it, and little camaraderie or warmth.


Of particular note, the Dominion regards the self-inflicted ruination of Terra very poorly. Their general opinion is that any species idiotic and selfish enough to destroy their own homeworld is clearly destined for self-annihilation sooner or later.


The Ascendancy was the first powerful culture that the Dominion encountered, and continues to be its greatest competitor. The Dominion has waged numerous wars against them, and regards them to be worthy opponents. While prominent individuals are respected by the Dominion, the Ascendancy culture is considered to a brutal and barbaric, and its oppressed citizens are not given enough room and freedom to excel and develop spiritually.

Free Union

The Free Union formed during the First Tulaki Invasion, as a group of conquered Dominion and oppressed Ascendancy worlds at the fringe of the conflict ejected their occupiers and declared self-rule. This bold move created a sense of respect for the Free Union that the Dominion has held ever since. However, their “democracy” is clearly too messy and filled with compromises to be tenable in the long run - there is too much scope for governmental bloat and bureaucratic stifling of individuals who deserve to excel.

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