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Event 1 - Initialize

OOC Details

Dates: 18th-20th May 2018
Location: Cox Wood Scout Campsite, Wrexham.

Initialize was the first event held in the Orion Sphere universe, and will serve to give players an introduction to the setting, and the powers that rule it - the four Factions and the various Megacorps. Player groups will be able to compete for cash, rare equipment and the favour of those powers by completing missions for them, and get drawn into their web of intrigue.


  • Create a group (Google form). See the groups page for more details on how to create a group.
  • Create a character (Google Form). See the characters page for more information on how to create a character and the skills and abilities they can have.

IC Briefing

Press release from Breaker Transgalactic Stations Group:

Breaker Transgalactic Stations Group is announcing the upcoming launch of a new joint venture to develop a leading branded retail fuels and convenience business covering the Saggital Bridge Sector with system-wide facilities catering for FTL travel lay-offs and refuelling.

Subject to regulatory approvals, the proposed joint venture partnership with Clearance Organisation will start operations in 3818PT and the as yet unnamed network is expected to grow to 500 sites within 10 years.

“New market growth is one of the key strategic priorities for BTSG’s fuels marketing business. Our retail business will offer customers a differentiated experience, bringing our brand to new high-quality products and making our services more accessible for everyone.” said Hillary Breaker, BTSG’s chief executive for New Horizons.

“This joint venture plans to create a modern retail fuelling network, delivering high-quality customer experiences and contributing to a safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible market in Neutral Space. We’re delighted to be partnering with Clearance Organisation who will bring to bear their considerable expertise in trans-galactic trading.”

Director Jonas McQuinn of CO, project lead for this scheme added - “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to divest our interests and support one of our fellow Megacorps in bringing existing and new services to our customers across the galaxy. We are very excited about these new prospects. Our model of contracted job offerings to kick-start investment in New Horizon Systems has been successful in the past and enables access to a diverse out-sourced competitive labour market of troubleshooters and freelance operators.”

Initial consolidation, cleansing and redistribution of the shared enterprise assets of the new joint venture will begin immediately, with support requested from the major Factions. It is anticipated that that new contracts will be posted in the coming days, with an initial New Horizon System having already been identified in Neutral Space where construction will commence.

BTSG has a 51% equity share of the joint venture and Clearance Organisation the remaining 49%. A joint CEO will be appointed as head of the new joint venture from within the ranks of BTSG, whilst CO will provide the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Additional board roles will be fulfilled from within the ranks of BTSG, whilst several senior positions are expected to be available to the open market.

Parties interested in fulfilling bounties in the first New Horizon system are invited to contact their nearest Clearing House.

Excerpt (audio) from Pirate Micro-wormhole communications

“Looks like another free-for-all in the Saggital Bridge Sector as the Breakers have opened the doors for MASSIVE CASH to go to anyone brave enough to deal with whatever dangers their backwater trial system holds! Even the Elysians have sanctioned their operatives to get in on the action! And if those pointy eared spore lovers are in then there must be something of value there!”

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