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Spacer Collective Markers

The Spacer Collective certifies experts at the various positions on board starships - Helm, Weapons, Engineering, Science and Relay Officers. Those who have passed the certification are rewarded with a badge or tattoo that shows their proficiency, and is a universally accepted mark of a experienced voidfarer. Although the marker is primarily offered with an associated ID badge, many individuals opt to have their marker tattooed on their skin - generally in a prominent location such as the face, neck or hands - which is seen as a both a mark of pride in their skills and also an advertisement for their value on a crew. The markers are imprinted with nano-chips that confirm the certification, which can be verified by Spacer Collective Representatives.

Diamond design, inspired by Terran military insignia
Circle design, modelled after the Spacer Collective's own insignia

There are a few variations of Collective Marker, but the most common designs are the diamond (left) and circle (right). Each design has 5 components, one for each station, and a surrounding frame. Different colours in specific positions are used to denote proficiency with one of the main positions on board a starship. Red for Weapons or Tactical, Green for Relay or Comms, Blue for Science and Yellow for Engineering, with Helm expertise being indicated by a black/white element that varies with the design.

As a voidfarer expands their expertise to different areas of a ship's workings, they can become certified in those areas and add to their existing marker. Spacer Collective Markers can be represented by an ID badge or by physically drawing the marker image onto your characters skin (or prosthetics) using eyeliner pens, body paint pens, biro or similar. Some example images of different markers are shown below. For tattoos on darker-skinned humans and aliens you can flip the black lines to white or another pale colour.

Diamond Marker Circle Marker Spaceflight Skills
Helm, Relay
Weapons, Science, Engineering
All skills, for a darker background
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