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Stardust Mold

Stardust mold is an extremophile mold that can survive, and even thrive in the vacuum of space - deriving energy from radiation and unfiltered light from stars. It is occasionally found on the outer hull of starships, although collecting it and cleaning it off requires a suited spacewalk. When prepared correctly it can be absorbed through the skin and has a strange chemical effect on cerebro-spinal fluid or equivalent substances. The mold causes neurological fluid to become more viscous, and also imparts some energy absorbancy, reducing damage from head injuries or stun weapons.



OOC Game Information

Stardust Mold is a type of Exotic Biotic - an Exotic Substance related to Life Science. A physrep of a small vial of fine coloured powder can be used to represent a few measures of this substance, but particularly large physreps can hold more.

When applied to a character, a measure of Stardust Mold grants them a single additional rank of the Steel Head skill, reducing the duration of KNOCKOUT calls that they are affected by.

As with all Exotic Substances, a character with at least 1 rank in the relevant speciality (Life Science in this case) can spend 1 minute of appropriate roleplaying to apply 1 measure of Stardust Mold to a character or item. After this roleplaying, they should unpeel the sticker that represents this substance, stick it to the target's character sheet, and record the current date and time on it.

The protection provided by this substance wears off two hours after it is applied.

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