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Cybernetics are technological enhancements applied to the body, usually to correct some dysfunction or injury. Basic cybernetics technology is available in most Factions for those who can afford them, and are usually suitable for restoring function to a roughly average level. Issues can and do arise however, particularly in synchronising the host’s nervous system with the augmentation. These conflicts are the main cause of augment rejection and the difficulties in creating augmentations with more powerful abilities. Some attempts at augmentation just fail, often for reasons that cannot be predicted, and so cybernetic technology has not been able to eliminate all disabilities in the modern era.

More advanced augmentations, capable of incredible feats of strength, agility and resilience do exist – but their secrets are tightly controlled by the powerful Corporeal Perfection Syndicate MegaCorp.

Game Rules

Basic Cybernetics

Basic cybernetics are elements that your character can have as part of their history and background. These are fairly utilitarian replacements for damaged organs, and are available to reasonably wealthy and prominent individuals in all the major Faction (which all Player Characters will tend to be). They do not convey any special powers or restrictions, merely informing your roleplay. It is quite rare for any character to have more than one or two Basic cybernetic elements as part of their character background.

Advanced Cybernetics

  • Special abilities that can be purchased to enhance your character's abilities.
  • Indicated by a laminated card, as well as a physrep and/or makeup requirement.
  • Grants one or more special abilities.
  • Usually require Charges to use abilities.
  • Lost on character death.
  • Can cause Neural Shock

Advanced Cybernetics are special enhancements that can be acquired and applied to your character in play - in most cases from the Corporeal Perfection Syndicate MegaCorp. Each cybernetic augmentation has its own laminated card that describes its characteristics and abilities. Most cybernetics will require Charges to use, which can be applied directly to the augmentation from normal Charge Packs or similar means. Cybernetic Augmentation lammies will usually have their own Charge Capacity, and a slot for Exotic Substances in a similar to way to other Devices. Cybernetic augmentations cannot be removed from a character without extensive and difficult surgery. Most cybernetic augmentations have a physrep requirement to show that they are present - this can usually be represented with makeup and/or prosthetics, but players with augmentations are encouraged to create elaborate physreps for their cybernetics if they wish, since these are usually a long-term part of their character.

Cybernetic augmentations are expensive to purchase in-game, can grant disadvantages as well as advantages, and are lost upon character death - this latter point means that if your character is killed and returned to life by the Lazarus Corporation, they will lose all of their augmentations. Characters with Status in the Corporeal Perfection Syndicate receive a discount on augmentations that they purchase, and may receive enhanced discounts on restoring augmentations that are lost due to character death.

Examples of possible augmentations include:

  • Bionic arms, that allow calls such as THROUGH or REND to be made with any held melee weapon.
  • Ocular augmentations, with in-built Detectors or Analysers.
  • Power reservoirs attached to limbs, that hold additional charges that can power held devices and weapons.
  • Personal Charge Pack, allowing a central reserve of Charges to power all of a character's augmentations.
  • Sub-dermal Armour, granting additional Body Hits.
  • Bionic legs, with stabilisers that allow you to RESIST STRIKEDOWN calls.
  • Psi Crystal Augments, that boost psionic abilities.
  • Digital microtools, that allow Engineer or Physician characters to use their abilities faster.

It is possible to develop new augmentations via the Invention system, but these will always require the assistance and input of the Corporeal Perfection Syndicate. Some species may not be able to acquire Advanced Cybernetics, or may need special research to be performed before they can have them - the primary species in each of the 4 Factions will always be able to purchase Advanced Augmentations.

Neural Shock

Certain events, such as damage or being hit with a DISRUPT call might induce a cybernetic implant to generate Neural Shock. In most cases, this is similar to a FREEZE effect, with a duration determined by the implants that are shocked. Having more augmentations makes it more likely that longer Neural Shocks will occur. When multiple augmentations generate Neural Shock at the same time, their durations are added together to get the total duration of the FREEZE effect. Roddenberry Extract can be applied to augmentations to reduce the duration of Neural Shock.

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