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Energy Weapon Physreps

This page links to some existing Nerf dart guns which could be suitable for each faction, and what class of Energy Weapon they would physrep in game. Most of these guns will probably require some painting and embellishment to prevent them looking like nasty plastic. See Painting a Dart Gun for a guide on how.

There are other brands than Nerf out there - some Buzz Bee blasters are apparently compatible with the Nerf Elite and Mega Darts that will be used at Orion Sphere - as long as the darts work, then they can also be used.

These are just style hints, and are absolutely not restrictive (particularly in the Mega-dart firing guns which are used for Heavy Energy Weapons). It is very possible to make modify a dart gun to look great no matter what Faction you use it in.

Ascendancy Weapons

Look: Militaristic, efficient, straight lines and angles.

Commonality Weapons

Dominion Weapons

Look: Bulky, rugged & practical, with scope to add ornamentation and decoration.

Free Union Weapons

Look: Simplistic, somewhat bodged together, scope for exposed wires. Or practical and rugged.

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