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Huntley Wood

Huntley Wood is a woodland camp site and outdoor venue between Wrexham and Chester. More information about the site can be found on its website here - Huntley Wood.

Huntley Wood is divided into three areas. For Event 2 - Artefact we will be using the Wyldwood and Deepmere sites - a total of 90 acres of varied terrain. The Wyldwood campsite will form the hub area of the event, and it has a series of connected wooden huts as wella s a separate toilet and shower block with separate male & female facilities. The site has outdoor water taps, and a kitchen which is being fully used by the event caterer.

There are no bunks on the site, so all attendees will need outdoor camping equipment.

Site Rules

Cars on Site

  • Cars on site must keep to a speed limit of 10mph at all times.
  • You may park alongside the camping areas on the side of the roads while unloading or loading, but when you are finished please move your vehicle to the car park area near the site entrance.
  • The roads must be KEPT CLEAR AT ALL TIMES - this is for the site owners access as well as for emergency vehicles.
  • Vehicles may not leave the roads at any time.
  • You cannot park camper vans on the campsites.


  • Do not climb on the log piles, as these are unstable and may cause injury.
  • Be careful of rabbit warren holes, particularly in the open glades of the Wyldwood site.
  • Do not attempt to climb slopes of loose material, as this may become loose and fall.
  • Do not try to enter or drink from any of the ponds or lakes on site. They are filled with loose silt and are very dangerous.

Ground Fires

Fires can only be set in designated firepits. Fires must be completely extinguished each night. Do not throw anything that is non-flammable into the fires.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or near the site buildings. The fire alarms are very sensitive and can be set off by smoke from outside entering the buildings.

Please dispose of your cigarette butts in an appropriate container. Please don't just leave them on the ground.


Please make sure that all your rubbish is suitably bagged and disposed of before you leave site. All rubbish bags must be securely tied to discourage scavengers. Do not overfill your rubbish bags.

Tidying Up

Please ensure that the site, and particularly the area that you are using to camp, is left as you found it. The Game Team will only have a few hours on the site to clean up, and will mainly be occupied with takedown of props and equipment. You can help us by making sure that your camp is tidy and in good order before you leave.

Getting to Site

Gate Code and Entry

Access to the site is via an electrically-powered gate, which requires a keycode to open. The gate code will be emailed to attendees shortly before the event. Do not attempt to drive through the gate while it is still moving.

Site Address

Huntley Wood,
ST10 2NS.

The site ADVISES AGAINST the sole use of SatNavs, Google Maps etc., as these may bring you in via a track ONLY passable by 4WD vehicles. If using such devices please search for “Huntley Wood”, rather than just the postcode.

By Car

From the A50

  1. ~6 miles east of Stoke-on-Trent and ~45 miles west of the M1, the A50 reaches a roundabout where it makes a right-angled turn. At this roundabout take the A521, signposted for Cheadle, Blythe Bridge and Upper Tean.
  2. Continue ~1.5 miles through Draycott until you reach the Draycott Arms pub on the left. Turn left immediately before the pub, into Cheadle Road.
  3. Go up the hill for ~1 mile until you reach the first right-hand turn which is at a small, unmarked crossroads. You will see a sign for Huntley Wood. Turn right here, into Coneygreaves lane.
  4. Continue ~1/3 of a mile down Coneygreaves Lane, past a farm track entrance on the left opposite a green metal fence on the right, until you reach Huntley Wood. Note that you will need the gate code to enter the site.


If you are looking for a group of people to lift-share with, the best place to go is the main Orion Sphere LRP Facebook group.

By Public Transport

Local Taxi Firms

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