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Event 2 - Artefact

OOC Details

Dates: 21st-23rd September
Location: Huntley Wood, Staffordshire.

Artefact is the second event held in the Orion Sphere universe. Players will have the opportunity to investigate an ancient and mysterious artefact on Corvus Beta, and compete to brave its dangers and unlock its secrets.

The event will take place in the Wyldwood and Deepmere sites of Huntley Wood in Staffordshire, a combined 90 acres of mixed woodland and varied terrain. The event will involve a mixture of investigative roleplay and skirmish combat. Players will be able to try and figure out the secrets of the ancient N'Medus civilisation, and what happened to the survey team that has vanished. They will also have to push back raiders who seek to despoil the dig sites for reasons of their own. Player crews will also have the opportunity to hire Spacer Collective starships and go on missions across the Orion Sphere for Reputation and Profit.


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